Patient: I have a small amount of green mucus in my throat all the time. no pain, and have to make myself cough to shift it. sometimes it shoots out and other times wont come out and can hinder my breathing. this has gone on for 2 years, have been to doctor many times with this., had antibiotics, tested for asthma and allergies. given asthma treatment to no avail and then diagnosed with slight allergy to dust. am living with it, but what i don’t understand is why the mucus is green all the time, as am being told this proves it’s an infection…is it?? i live in tenerife and sometimes the air does have a lot of saharan dust….any hints to improve the situation, am 65 and female, a bit overweight, on medication for high blood pressure and cholesterol….helpthe constant clearing of the throat is embarassing in public

Symptoms: green catarrh in throat