August 16, 2018

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Catching or Locking Behind my kneecap

Patient: I’ve had a lot of trouble with my knees, with a string of doctors saying different things. I went from brace to brace to brace and none of them helped, along with meds galore. Then finally I was diagnosed with plica syndrome, and after taking aleve for a good chunk of time, I had surgery in both knees to remove the offending tissue. Which actually helped for a long time. Finally, I was cured! But the symptoms are coming back. The same ones that were happening before the surgery. It’s like something behind my knee or next to my kneecap catches and pulls on something, just for a moment, before it lets go. It only hurts for a minute after it lets go, but the problem is that it’s even happening again. It happens most often when I’m laying flat on my stomach on my bed or the floor, etc, with my legs straight… if I bend my knees up so my feet are in the air, it’ll sometimes catch so I’ll have to slowly lay them back down and wait a bit before trying again… or if I try to pull my leg up next to me, with my knee up by my waist. Sometimes it’ll catch then. It’s caught when I’ve put my weight on it and sort of bounced or twisted? It’s never caught for very long, and I’m pretty sure it’s been happening with both of my knees again. Any ideas as to what this might actually be?



Doctor: Definitely you need a new assessment of the status of your knees, meaning physical examination and imaging studies by a an orthopedic surgeon, because the problem before as you said was surgically removed already, then maybe other conditions affecting your knees must be ruled out to determine the cause of your symptoms and proceed to choose the most adequate treatment option for your case.



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