Category: surgery (tendons / plastics) My kid who is 17 y

Patient: Category: surgery (tendons / plastics)My kid who is 17 years old and he has had serious laceration in an accident 2 inches above the wrist effecting extensor tendons of his arm.As the result tendons had been severed/injured via a single clean cut. During the operation, the severed tendon responsible for lateral movement of the thumb has been stitched to the wrist muscle rather than original tendon that was apparently recoiled and too short to reconnect according to the surgeon. The nerves in her hand are intact.So : Abductor Pollicis longus tendo has been stitched into extensor carpi radial longus.Q. Can this thumb ever move laterally?I am asking this because I have been told it can by some rehab personal and I believe that their claims are suspect. There has been a lot of contradictory things that I have been told on this topic.My kid can not currently move her thumb laterally when her hand is placed on a flat surface but can move it up and down if she lifts her hand. Will the lateral movement ever return and how is that even possible.Q. What are the chances of me seeking allograft or autograft surgery looking for another surgeon to fix this. I have a booking with the best surgeon in town but I am not sure what to ask to have a surgery to do a graft done. I have to add other tendons were severed/injured but they are now performing fine, 12 weeks post op.