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COVID-19 Articles/Videos

On The DL Episode 15: Former NHLer Georges Laraque shares his journey on how he battled Covid-19

Georges Laraque was one of the most notable enforcers in the NHL. He recently came down with Covid-19 and was hospitalized in his hometown of Montreal, Canada. In this interview with Dana Levenson...

On The DL Episode 14: Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch talks Covid-19

Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Isaac Bogoch from Toronto, Canada talks with Dana Levenson about the current state of Covid-19 and what we all can do as a society to continue to battle this disease.

On The DL Episode 13: Dr. Bal Nandra talks Covid-19 antibody testing and how he uses ketamine to treat depression

Chicago IV Solution founder Dr. Bal Nandra talks about Covid-19 and all the misinformation being spread. He also touches on the issue we are facing with PTSD and how ketamine will be one of the tools to...

On The DL Episode 11: Chris Tanev of the Vancouver Canucks shares how he’s staying in shape during Covid-19

Vancouver Canucks Assistant Captain Chris Tanev goes one on one with Dana Levenson. From cooking lots at home to doing pilates, Chris shares how he's been able to stay fit and ready if the NHL season resumes.

On The DL Episode 10: PK Subban’s personal Barber Patrice Alexander shares grooming tips for men during Covid-19

NHL star PK Subban's personal barber Patrice Alexander shares grooming tips men can use while barber shops and hair salons are closed. He also talks about how he's been teaching Lindsey Vonn virtually to groom her fiancé.

On The DL Episode 8: Joga creator Jana Webb gives us tips on staying in shape from home

Jana Webb goes 1-on-1 with Dana Levenson and shares her journey on how she founded Joga, her recovery from a near death car accident and things we can all do at home to stay in shape.

On The DL Episode 5: Dr. Prebeg shares tips we can use to stay limber during this pandemic

Dr. Mike Prebeg of Toronto works closely with many professional athletes across the NHL, NFL, MLB, NBA and other sports. In this interview with Dana he shares tips on what his athletes are doing to stay limber...

On The DL Episode 2: Covid-19 Survivor Sacha El Wakeel

Sacha El-Wakeel is the owner of one of Toronto, Canada's most popular restaurants, Calii Love. More importantly he is one of the lucky Covid-19 survivors. In this intimate interview, Sacha goes one-on-one with Ask The Doctor TV...

When do you go to the hospital with Covid-19 symptoms?

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