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Sunday, April 5, 2020


7 things you can do to boost your energy without coffee

Do you wake up feeling tired in the morning? Are you too often feeling that afternoon exhaustion, where you feel like you need a nap? Or do you need a little energy boost throughout the day? You’re...

5 ways to use left over juice pulp

When my friend Tairlyn got a new Breville Juicer (we are giving away a Breville Juice Fountain Cold at the bottom of this post!) and asked me to come over to help her create a juice recipe that the...

5 Benefits of drinking warm lemon water

It was about a year ago, that I began a challenge for myself to start every morning by drinking warm lemon water. It was hard at first, even just remembering to do it, especially with the whole...

Sleep, Performance, Coffee and… Psilocybin?

The best part of waking up… …was mediocre drip coffee and people were plenty satisfied. These days, people are adding everything from massive amounts of fat to CBD oil and psilocybin. Yes, microdosing psychedelics are...

Intermittent fasting benefits for a simpler lifestyle

I started intermittent fasting consistently a few months back.  For 5 out of 7 days a week,  I have my first meal at around lunch time. (update: Now I do IF, about twice a week.) I know that people...
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When and How to Get Tested for COVID-19

In the following video, Dr. Zam Dewji explains when and how you should get tested for Covid-19.
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The Importance of Social Distancing to Fight Covid-19

In the following video, Dr. Zam Dewji explains why social distancing is so important in our societies fight against COVID-19.

COVID-19 Summary from Dr. Pankaj Chand

Over the last few days I’ve been reaching out to multiple Physicians in our network to get their take on the truth...

4 new cases of Coronavirus hit Ontario residents returning from Iran and Egypt

4 new cases of the coronavirus have been confirmed in the province Ontario over the past weekend. Each of...