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IP 272 pill to treat chlamydia

Patient: Can the the IP 272 pill actually be used to treat chlamydia? My doctor gave me a dosage and I wanted to make sure it will help before I take it. Doctor: Yes, IP 272 pill can be used for chlamydia. Pill imprint IP 272 has been identified as Sulfameth oxazole and trimethoprim DS 800 mg / 160...

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What are these bumps and rashes on my penis head? (Image)

Patient: I noticed these bumps/rash (not itchy) that appeared on my penis head. My penis head feels sensitive with minor pain I can manage. Can this pain/rash be from masturbating? Fungal infection? Irritation from masturbation?I’m just wondering what these bumps may be, as I fear they may be...

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