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“Tight” Throat with Thyroids.

Patient: I have Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis and even though my levels are within normal range, I sometimes still feel as though there’s a lump in my throat, accompanied with troubled swallowing. My thyroid does not appear to be enlarged with the naked eye, nor feel enlarged when I palpate...

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Numbness after Masterbation

Patient: Hello, today a weird numbness appeared after masterbation. The numbness is the penis, scrotum, anus and surrounding areas. Please help me figure this out. Symptoms: Numbness Doctor: Hello.Welcome to Ask The Doctor.I understand your concern.Symptoms you are describing are not due to...

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I’m concerned about having herpes after having had sex

Patient: I’m concerned about having herpes after being taken advantage of last month. I was tested for chlamydia and gonnorrhea and came back negative. I have 3 lesions that are not even remotely close together. One is located on the labia with what looks like a white puss pocket. The other...

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Hi, am female, my genitals have a bad smell.

Patient: Hi, am female & my genitals have a bad smell, its now 9 to 10months. I have been using veet shaving cream for my pubic hair. Secondly i think am alcoholic. Are they the causes & what should i do? Am 36 years old. I need a lot of help. Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.Foul smell...

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If i get upset during the day, like cry, i puke at night

Patient: If i get upset during the day , like cry or get angry I get nauseous at night and have to puke. Why? Doctor: Hello ,Thanks for the query.The symptoms are most likely to be due to anxiety and stress. The sympathetic system is inter related and hence the vomiting at night.Try finding a...

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Dvt with gastro varices

Patient: Need help on my mother’s condition. she has gastroesophageal varices due to fatty liver. now she’s been diagnosed with dvt on her left calf. the doctor prescribed rivaroxavan xarelto 15mg but im concerned about its side effect which is bleeding. is there a way to protect her...

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