Cause of Blood in Urine

Patient: I am a 43 year old man that is good health. My question is; why all of the sudden do I have blood leaking outof my penis. This has never happened before and I am worried. Can you help me?

Doctor: Hematuria/ Blood in the urine can be occur due to the following causes1) Urinary tract infection- Characterised by clo udy and foul smelling urine, burning on urination2) prostrate problem ( Cancer or Hyperplasia- enlarged prostate)- charaterised by increased frequency and urgency, incomplete voiding and dribbline3) Bladder cancer4) Medications and diet- like beets, rifampin5) Blood disorders or anticoagulants5) Renal stones: Usually painfullYou will need to get your urine tested along with further investigations for your prostate . I would advice you to make an appointment with your GP.