Cause of Ulcer on the Penis

Patient: Dear Dr., I had ulcer on my penis almost 6 years ago, after affecting i went to doctor and he told me that time it was balanitis .After this problem my health has not been well till today i have facing many health issues as follows: 1.Loose my weight and become weak 2.fever 3. Excessive Fatigue 4. Sore throat Also help me out followings queries : What was that ulcer in penis? If i was untreated by dr. what should i do now? What are risk factors concerning my body? have i HIV or aids? I shall be grateful to you if help me out.

Doctor: There are several potential causes for the spots on the head of your penis. The first is genital herpes. The lesions of herpes begin as fluid filled round blisters on a red base. They are usually painful. After they rupture they may appear as little ulcers. Syphilis sores usually look like ulcerated areas; they can have irregular edges and tend not to be painful. Genital warts form soft, flat, fleshy raised growths that usually are attached on a wide base to the underlying skin. Rarely skin tags, which are fleshy elongated skin growths attached at a narrower base to the underlying skin can arise from the foreskin. Occasionally, areas of irritation or dermatitis can appear on the penis, usually due to poor hygiene under the foreskin or a reaction to some soap or personal beauty product. As always the diagnosis and the management of your particular condition will require a physical examination by your personal physician. Setting up a visit with your primary care doctor is highly recommended.