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Causes of dizziness

Dear Ask The Doctor:
I have had a few experiences with equilibrium problems. It kind of feels like sinus pressure, and sometimes when I bend over to pick up something it feels like all the blood in my body rushes into my head. Feels like its going to burst. Then from time to time, I get this "sensation" and my head swirls. It has happened while driving before, and that scares me. And I get headaches from time to time. I was thinking about seeing a doctor for it, but not sure who to go to. Would appreciate your opinion.

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There are many conditions that have dizziness as a symptom.  I note in your medical history that you have mitral valve prolapsed and heart palpitations. These conditions can cause lightheadedness which can easily be confused with dizziness.  I think you should see your family physician and have an ECG done to rule out a potential dangerous heart rhythm.
Other causes of dizziness include Meniere’s disease, infections of the middle ear, some medications, Migraines, diabetes and some brain tumors.

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