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Causes of Erectile dysfunction

Patient: I am a male 18 years old and I am struggling to get an erection I haven’t had one for about over a week and and its hard to get hard when I try and have sexual contact Ive tried foreplay to try get me going but I can’t get fully hard and it is worrying me.




Doctor: There are different reasons and causes that lead to male sexual dysfunction and erection issuesSome of them are1) Py shcological: Inability to maintain or get an erection in certain situations or with partners due to stress, performance anxiety, relationship problems.2) Any organic problem like previous back injury, pelvic surgery in the past, Diabetes, certain medications like antidepressants, artherosclerosis , low testostrone levels.In case you have had normal erections in the past and are able to get and maintain and erection during mastrubation and also have nocturnal or early morning erections then the cause of your dysfunction is mostly pyschological. In any case you will need to see a physician for a complete physical examination and tests if needed.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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