Causes of Hand Tremor

Patient: I am 26 yrs old.working as a problem is tht whenever i do something my hands starts trembling which always puts me in awkward position before others.although i am a skinnny person but rarely have any other health problem except the one mentioned above. please suggest something.thnks

Doctor: Hand tremor is common, especially in an older age group. It can be caused by neurological disorders (Parkinson’s disease se, Multiple Sclerosis), hormonal imbalances (hyperthyroidism), drug use or misuse (alcohol, caffeine, and amphetamine), low blood sugar level, anxiety, or stress, and sometimes no cause is identified or it may be inherited. I would advise attending your family doctor for a physical examination and some routine blood tests, to exclude some of the above causes. In addition he may prescribe some medications to improve your symptoms including a beta-blocker.