Causes of Impotence

Patient: Hi Im a man of 23 and just recently i have met a girl i have never had sex before,and i was about to have sex with this girl,only trouble is i cant get an erection,i have tryed so much,and nothing works. It has bought me to tears and iam so down about it my partner said it doesnt matter,we have been trying so much,and now she has left me,and i know deep down its because of the lack of bedroom activitys. please help.

Doctor: Impotence has many causes. The most common cause in someone your age is often psychological issues. Some diseases may ha ve impotence as a symptom as well. These include Peyronie disease, trauma that affects arteries and nerves and some medications. It can be very distressing for a young male when he is unable to have or maintain an erection. You should speak privately with a physician you are comfortable with about your problems. Your doctor will take a detailed history and perform a thorough examination to determine why you are having problems with your erection.