Causes of Male Infertility and available tests

Patient: Dear doctor, i 37 year old recently married male, would like to know about infertility and its treatment. doctor, i am a chain smoker and begin this habit at the age of 15, i .heard that the sperm count of person who has smoking regularly should too less and it is difficult to get child. i would like to check my sperm count. so please give me your valuable suggestions and details of tests shall i conduct? with regards dkp kuwait

Doctor: I do understand your concern for infertility. Male infertility contributes to at least 40% of the reasons why couples ca nnot conceive. The most common male infertility causes come from a problem in sperm production. Other problems may be due to the fact that the sperm do not move or function properly, or because of blocked passageways. Disease, fevers or infections, and congenital abnormalities can also contribute to these problems in men.There have been studies that indicate smoking lowers sperm counts. My advice would be to stop smoking before attempting a pregnancy. Emotional stress, impotence, premature ejaculation can also contribute towards infertility.I would advise you to see your doctor for complete physical examination and semen analysis to determine the cause of infertility. treatment will depend on the cause. I wish you well, take care.