Causes of right clavicle pain and swelling.

Patient: Does sleeping with your right arm stretched out beneath your head under a pillow cause clavicle pain and swelling?

Symptoms: Swelling in the right clavicle area where it meets the breast bone. Discomfort when laying on right side and resting the head on the right hand. Pain with right shoulder movement.

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The inflammation of the cartilage between between the clavicle and sternum could indeed be caused by excessive strain on the sternoclavicular joint by the position you kept your arm in. This strain to sternoclavicular joint could range in severity. In fact, the sternoclavicular joint can actually become dislocated, resulting pain and inflammation of this joint. In order to determine how severe this injury is, we recommend that you have this area examined by your doctor to determine the extent of this injury. Treatment is usually supportive in nature, treating the pain and inflammation. You can also be advised to restrict your movement for some time to ensure adequate healing of this injury.Thank you for consulting