Causes of Swollen Lymph nodes

Patient: I am a little worried, I have had 2 swollen neck glands for more than 3 mo. Went to the doctor and the first time I was told wait a month to see what happens. I went back and was told if It’s not gone in an additional month we should take a MRI on my neck. In the meantime I have done my own research and found a few causes. Went to the dentist and was told my teeth did have nothing to do with my swollen lymph nods, after a root canal I got antibiotics even this made no change to the nodes. The doctor checked my ears, nose and listen to my lungs and told me it did not look like I had any infections. My ear on the same side as the swollen nods feels like there is some pressure, but it does not really hurt.I do have allergy’s sneezing and sometimes swollen eyes. I suffer from mild asthma. After taking over the counter Claritin it feels like the nodes shrinks a little but they do not go away. I know not to touch and rub them to much so I try not to touch them for days at a time just to make sure I don’t irritate the nods. I do smoke very little, trying to quit completely. Any suggestions would be appreciated, I am trying not to worry but it’s hard not to, especially since I do not have health insurance.

Doctor: It seems that your allergies may be leading to the swelling of the lymph nodes in the neck. Since claritin helps in shri nking the nodes this further provides postive evidence towards the cause being your allergies. I would advice you to keep a check on the size and changes if any in the nodes . If they still dont subside then it could be a form of a lymphoma which will need further testing in the form of a neck ultrasound and /or a lymph node biopsy. I know you are worried but the best thing right now if try to corelate whether the allergies is leading to the swelling of the nodes. All the best.