CBC results and been on carbamazepine for last 20 years

Patient: My wbc was 9 last month and this month it is 10.5, rest of cbc is normal. RBC= 5.56, HGB= 14.4, PLT= 148, LYM= 34.5. NE= 5.78. do i need to do more investigations. i usually remain tense and under stress. i am also on carbamazepine for last 20 years.

Symptoms: itching and tingling on hands and upper part of hands

Doctor: A WBC count of 10.5k without any other signs or symptoms, may not be significant. However, you should visit a GP for a c linical evaluation, in case you develop any additional symptoms like fever or lymph node swelling over the next few days. Carbamazepine per se, in some instances is known to cause low blood cell counts leading to serious blood disorders like aplastic anemia or agranulocytosis. But, your CBC report doesn’t reveal any such probability and there is no reason for any stress or anxiety. Since you have not mentioned about any particular reason for taking Carbamazepine for that long a period (20 years), I would suggest you to follow up with your treating doctor.