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Patient: Ceragem claim to use infrared to treat certain conditions.

1. Are Ceragem products (http://www.ceragem.com) harmful to human bodies? There was a news article about it getting banned in China due to some side effects (http://www.chinacsr.com/en/2007/03/13/1122-ceragem-massagers-reportedly-causing-adverse-reactions).

2. Does it really work or it is some placebo effect?

3. Is infrared harmful to certain patients (e.g. Diabetic, heart disease etc.)?

Doctor: Infrared therapy in general can have a side effect of skin irritation. Since this particular type of therapy is banned, and if it is not an FDA approved therapy, we do not recommend using it. Some studies have shown infrared light therapy to assist in slowing hair loss, however, the studies have not conclusive. Thank you for choosing AskTheDoctor.com

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Doctor: Ceragem is a type of thermal accupressure therapy that has it’s roots in Korea. This therapy uses infrared light along with Jade stones to help heal the 15 points of the body. This is completely out of Allopathic medicine. I would say the dangers of this are burns from the Ceragem and side effects can be those related to infrared exposure. Also, since Ceragem has not been approved by any international health body, I would say it is risky to experiment with. If you have a simple disease that is easily treatable, I would advise you to go with a time tested therapy. In complex or terminal cases Ceragem may help.

Infrared can lead to:

  • Heat damage
  • Promote skin cancer
  • Increase skin thickness
  • Damage the corneas if put at the eye

Based on this, I would not recommend Ceragem therapy because of the side effects unless you are very sure.

Patient: I had just a couple more questions:

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  1. Is ceragem fda approved?
  2. Can ceragem cure cancer?

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