Cetrizine taking patient with problems

Patient: Respected Doctor,I’m 25 year old male suffering with allergy(dust,food….) & taking cetrizine tablet past 12 years for itching problem.If i’m not taking cetrizine,then skin will be reddish & i can’t tolerate the pain of itching.Because of this continous use of medicine i’m feeling sleepy whole day & not able to concentrate on studies.Is there any remedy to stop this medicine with antidote?




Symptoms: Itching,Sneezing,Continous Sleeping….

Doctor: Allergy management has evolved over the last two decades and has newer treatment options available today. Newer anti-his taminic compounds are non-sedating and much more effective. Moreover, Allergen Specific Immunotherapy or Allergy Vaccines have also proved to be useful in certain group of patients. Identification of the causative agent remains the first step in effective management of allergy symptoms. You should visit an Allergy Specialist in your area for a thorough allergy evaluation (by Allergy Skin Prick Testing) to identify the allergens (food or environmental) responsible for your symptoms. Thereafter, apart from avoidance measures your doctor would suggest alternative, non-sedating antihistaminic medication with or without Immunotherapy for better symptom control and long term allergy management.


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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