Chance of getting pregnant after a week of a missed taking birth control pills

Patient: Hello! i just wanna ask few questions that keeps on bugging me almost 3 weeks ago.Im constantly taking birth control pills for almost 7 months already then my friend told me i should stopped taking pills if im not that sexually active, so that s what i did, I stopped taking pills after my last period . Unfortunately, my long time boyfriend surprised me by coming home after being apart from each other for almost a year and we had a contact. My concern here is this, it was my 14th day of fertilization when we had our unsafe sex. I stopped taking pills for almost a week already we had our contact and he didnt use condom at all. The next day i took double of my pills (diane 35) because im afraid of getting pregnant . since then, i didnt skip taking pills up to now. Im still waiting my last pill to take and will have it tomorrow. Is there any chances of me getting pregnant even if I continously taking the pills and yeah i had vaginal douching as well from the time we had our last contact. I hope someone with a good heart will reply on this post. It would be very much appreciated!Thanks