Chance of getting pregnant on pill when I pulled out.

Patient: I had sex with a girl who is on the pill. She takes it regularly and is good about taking it every day at the right time. However, I did not wear a condom,and we had sex earlier in the night (I wore a condom the first time). I did not urinate between the first and second time, but I did pull out before I ejaculated. How likely is it that she got pregnant?

Symptoms: Just Concerned about a sexual encounter.

Doctor: Hello,If your partner has been on birth control pills and taking them regularly ,then there has been no ovulation dur ing the cycle, which shall prevent any form of pregnancy. Secondly, you practiced pull out technique which further guards her against unwanted conception. So, the likelihood of getting pregnant is minimal and you should be concerned only if she would have been irregular in her birth control or if she in future misses her periods, then you must perform a urine pregnancy test to confirmatively rule out pregnancy after 7 days.I hope i have answered your query,wishing you good health,regards