Chance of pregnancy with no ejaculation or penetration?

Patient: My boyfriend has had sex before, but I never have. Well he sort of “surprised me” yesterday. Long story short: His penis was never fully inserted into my vaginal canal & he never ejaculated, but there was pre-c*m (he did not ejaculate before hand) on the head, and the tip of his penis DID touch the opening hole of the vagina. I have never had anything like this happen to me before and I am so scared. Is there a chance that I am pregnant? I cannot reveal what happened to anyone I know personally for multiple personal reasons and I do not have the money to schedule a doctor’s appointment. I am supposed to have my period within the next 3-10 days. But I have heard that a woman can experience her period and still be pregnant. What is your personal opinion on all of this?

Symptoms: Mild abdominal cramps (but assume that is because of soon starting my period soon) Nausea (assuming it’s from not eating and literally worrying myself sick.)

Doctor: Since you had unprotected sex, risk of being pregnant is high. Though he did not ejaculate, rarely pregnancy can occur w ith precum secretions, as they can carry sperms rarely. If it did not cross 24 hours after sex, use emergency contraceptive pills which can be obtained at a pharmacy outlet. Use pregnancy kit test for confirmation, but if it is positive, i advise you to visit a gynecologist for better health.

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Guest: I had the same thing , but should I not even worry about being pregnet then ??