Chances of pregnancy

Patient: My pill pack started on the 3rd of Febuary, I took two pills late in my first beige (active) week of tablets. I had unprotected sex on Thursday (20th), Friday (21st), Saturday (22nd) and Sunday (23rd). I missed Friday’s pill by 13 hours. My period usually lasts from Tuesday to Friday or Saturday but this month it was lighter than normal and only lasted from Tuesday morning to Wednesday night. My breasts have been tender for the past two days.What are the chances of pregnancy and when would I get an accurate result in a pregnancy test?

Symptoms: Sore/Tender breasts, tiredness

Doctor: Hi, From your query there seems to be a low probability for conception, because when you had unprotected sex by then the ovulation phase has already passed off, if at all there was ovulation because you missed two pills in the first week.Birth control pills should be taken regularly and if missed due to any reason should be taken as soon as possible. When taken regularly they provide contraceptive effect up to 99%, when you occasionally miss the tablet extra contraceptive measures may have to be taken as a precaution, like condom or vaginal pills or morning after pill etc., to be on safe side. Tenderness of the breast can also be a premenstrual symptom. For an accurate result of pregnancy go for a home pregnancy test 7-10 days later than your expected menstrual cycle.