Chances of pregnancy

Patient: My girlfriend and I had unprotected sex on 17th-18th of June. I haven’t ejaculated during (nor before) the intercourse. She has taken an emergency contraceptive pill on the 18th of June, and her period came on the 20th (expected on the 22nd). She has taken a home pregnancy test on the 15th of July and it came back negative, but she hasn’t had her period yet (as of today, 22nd of July). I am worried because of this delayed period. Is there any chance she can be pregnant?

Symptoms: sore nipples, pain in left ovary area

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Taking emergency contraceptive within 24 hours after unprotected sexual intercourse is abo ut 95% in preventing pregnancy. Emergency contraception are often hormone based and can have an effect on your partner’s normal menstrual cycle. It is possible that this may be the case however we do not want to rule out pregnancy. We recommend that she go to her doctor to conduct a pregnancy test to be certain. From your description the chances of her being pregnant are low, however it may still be possible. We recommend that she see her doctor.Thank you for choosing