Chances of pregnancy?

Patient: So here’s all the info. She last got her period on the 6th of November. 28 day cycle. We had protected sex where the condom was used correctly and there was ejaculate in the condom after on the 21st of Nov. She had light pink spotting on the 26th for a few hours. She always gets this a few hours before her period starts and that has not happened. Aside from slight sensitive breasts (which isn’t abnormal for her) she feels kinda tired and is averse to alcohol. Still no period today (29th) but it wouldn’t normally come till around the 3rd or 4th next month. She plans to take a pregnancy test in about a week.I know thats a lot of info but better that than too little. We are worried that this is 100% implantation. We want to know if our panic is justified or if we are jumping the gun (could it be something else )and looking for insight from people who obviously know more. Thanks in advance!

Symptoms: Light pink spotting for a few hours 10 days before expected period, aversion to alcohol, some fatigue

Doctor: Hello,thanks for the question.If you had protected sex and there was no ejaculation inside then the chances of p regnancy are minimal . if she has regular cycles then the light pink bleed / spotting can be a breakthrough bleeding and need not be an implantation bleed. The only 100% way of checking for confirmation would be to check for blood serum beta hcg levels on day 24-26 of the cycle which if found raised would indicate pregnancy.The symptoms can be attributed to premenstrual syndrome which mimic early pregnancy. so get a pregnancy test done to rule out pregnancy conformatively.I hope i have answered your query.wishing you good healthregards