Chances of pregnancy after contraceptive pill !!

Patient: I had. Y period the first week of November . Two days later I had a sex slip up. I took a contraceptive pill. I had another period with clotting and blood red blood.I was then very stressed so I took a pregnancy test two days ago. It said negative and it was a high end brand pregnancy test. This week literally two. Days ago I was suppose to start my period. But instead I am spotting light pinkish brownish blood. Is this the contraceptive pill, my period, or pregnancy.

Symptoms: Light period, cramps, aggression,sore boobs,

Doctor: Hello,thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comIf you had sex two days after your periods stopped then you were alre ady in your safe period and the chances of pregnancy is negligible as ovulation had not occurred. Secondly you had taken an emergency contraceptive pill to be doubly sure, which was fine. You had your withdrawal bleed following the pill within 7 days with heavy bleeding and clotting.Bow this would have been in the mid of November , so this becomes your fresh LMP and your next period is expected only by mid -December accordingly if your cycles are regular.Thirdly the pregnancy tests being negative prove that you are not pregnant as you should not be. What you are experiencing early is probably a breakthrough bleeding at present due to excessive stress you have undergone during this cycle contemplating chances for pregnancy. Stress per se is known to cause hormonal imbalances and also the premenstrual symptoms as well.Also to note that irregularity following usage of emergency contraception in the following menses is a common side effect and should be kept in accord.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards