Chances of pregnancy after missing depo injections

Patient: I was on depo provera for three years. I stopped taking it December of 2010. I then started taking it again in July and was suppose to go back in October for my next one but didnt. After I missed my shot I bled for a month straight and then stopped. A month later I had what seemed to be a normal 5 day period for me. Two weeks later I had un protectes sex. What are the chances that I would be pregnant?

Doctor: The chances of pregnancy depend on various factors. It depends on the day of the sexual activity in relation to the peri od, in your case if there was sexual activity in the period mentioned above (28th – 1st) the chances of pregnancy are higher. It is not always certain that an individual ovulates at the middle of her cycle, so that uncertainty remains. Also factors like quality of the sperms, STIs and any diseases of the reproductive organs may hamper the chances of pregnancy.Any unprotected sexual activity 3 days before of after the day of ovulation, greatly increases the chances of being pregnant. The only way to be sure of pregnancy is to do a urine pregnancy test the day of a missed period or after 2 weeks.

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Guest: dear doctor, my friend got married on 20 apr 14, his wifes normal period is on 24 of month. but in march it was on 30march. on 02 may it is conformed that she is pregnant. is it possible?