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Chances Of Pregnancy After Taking FEMME – TAB

Patient: Could I be Pregnant?I started taking FEMME-TAB ED 30/150 almost a month ago, And after 11 days of being on the pill I had unprotected sex and 2 days ago I had unprotected sex again could I be pregnant although I was told you only have to wait a week before you can have unprotected sex?Also I’m due my period soon I’m 2 days into the red tablets at the bottom of the pack which indicate I should be getting my period soon I didn’t get told much about the pill so I’m stressing out please help.


Doctor: Thank you for your question. FEMME-TAB ED 30/150 is an oral contraceptive pill that contains a combination of levonorges trel with ethinyloestradiol. According to current guidelines, this oral contraceptive confers protection against pregnancy in about a week of starting it according to its instruction. With all oral contraceptives there is a 1-2% chance of becoming pregnant even though you are on them. Having said that, we recommend that you await the commencement of your period. If you are late, then we recommend that you go to your doctor to conduct a pregnancy test.Thank you fro choosing


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