Chances of Pregnancy, experiencing lower left abdominal pain.

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi im due to start my period today or tomorrow .I had unprotected sex yesterday and now have got some small stabbing pains in my left lower abdomen and was wondering if i am likely to be pregnant?

A:   The chances of becoming pregnant while having unprotected sex is high, but this usually depend on what day of the cycle you had sex. For example in a normal 28 day cycle (day 1 is when the period starts), the ovulation takes place at the 14th day. Therefore there is higher chances of pregnancy if you had sex 3 days before or after ovulation. To be completely sure you need to do a urine pregnancy test. Also you have mentioned about stabbing pains in the left lower abdomen, I would advise you to get for urine tested for infection. Please ensure that you practise safe sexual habits by using condoms during sex to avoid becoming pregnant and contracting STIs, take care.

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