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Chances of pregnancy from rubbing penis on vestibule

Patient: My boyfriend and I were messing around on Sunday. I am sorry for being graphic but, he was aroused and I am not really sure if this was precum but I think it was since he was “wet”. He ended up rubbing his penis on i think my vestibule. He didn’t penetrate me and he didn’t ejaculate at all. What are the chances of pregnancy? The last time I had my period was on December 26 and this occurred on January 04. I am having some cramps just on one side and some minor headaches. Please help me because we are both worried.



Symptoms: Minor headaches, Cramps on one side



Doctor: Hello,If your LMP was 26th Dec and you had sex on 4 th jan , then you were actually at the onset of your fertile peri od and considering that even precum which contains sperms can make you pregnant, if he has rubbed it over your vestibule then there are chances that sperms may have traveled in. Though the possibility is less, but a fair chance exists. If you have been experiencing minor headaches or cramps then it is likely that you are probably ovulating at this time, which would further decrease the chances of pregnancy as it would ensure that on 4th you had not ovulated ,and hence pregnancy cannot occur.However the best way to confirm or rule out pregnancy would be to undergo a serum beta hcg test after 10 days of intercourse to check for raised hcg levels , which if found to be raised would indicate a conception or pregnancy , but if its less than 1 then pregnancy is completely ruled out.I hope i have addressed your concerns here,wishing you safe sexual practices,regards

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Patient: Thanks! Now I have another question. I took plan b on Wednesday because I am the type that worries a lot about this. But I’ve been feeling a bit nauseous and I’m still cramping a lot. I have no discharge whatsoever. Is there a chance of me getting pregnant ? I took an ovulation test on Wednesday and it said that my I had not reached my LG Surge. How likely is it that I’m pregnant?

Patient: Today Jan 11, I decided to test because I was really nervous. I got a negative result! How accurate can this be? When should I test again and I believe that I am now ovulating since I started to get a white discharge. It was a bit sticky but not really.


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