Chances of pregnancy under unique conditions

Patient: So I am normally an extremely careful individual. If I was pregnant it would not bother me much but I am also a bit worried. From what I can tell it is highly unlikely thy I have a chance of being pregnant but I would still like to hear from a doctor. This guy and I have been non seriously seeing each other for a while (he is in school states awaym fini I am shing my law degree) I went to visit him and it was about a week of just insane un protected sex but I was also on my period we did have sex the day after I stopped and then I had slight spotting the next day. I know I should have been on bc or used a condom I honestly do not know what we were thinking or rather we just weren’t at all…. This was about a week ago. I’m not sure what my probability of being pregnant is or when I could first find out (my period is extremely unpredictable and I am bipolar which means I can’t take morning after because I am allergic to something in it according to my doctors). Anyhow advice expertise?