Checking of sperm count result

Patient: am 32 year old male from India. i was married for 2 years now we are now planning for a baby. i have done my sperm test so can you tell me if the test is ok or do i need any medical treatment. the result of the test is belowvolume: 3.5mlAppearance- normal PH 8.0Liquification 30minSperm Count / ml 20,200,000Sperm Count / ejaculate 70,700,000Motility (1 hour) 40%Motility GradeProgressive (PR) 30 %None Progressive (Np) 10 %Immotile 60 %Normal Forms 20 %Abnormal heads 30 %Abnormal Midpieces 20 %Abnormal Principle pieces 30 %Excess Risidual Cytoplasm 00 %WBCs /ml 480,000Agglutination Absent

Doctor: Semen analysis reports are best evaluated with respect to the normal values of the respective laboratories. This is beca use the reports can be quite variable. However going by the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations of semen analysis standards, all other parameters of the semen report except for the motility of the sperms. As per WHO recommendations atleast 50% of the sperms should be motile. That should include the rapidly forward progressive sperms.In your case, since motility is the only parameter that seems borderline abnormal, I suggest that you repeat the test at a laboratory that specializes in testing semen from fertility point of view. Alternatively you could undergo a semen analysis at a fertility clinic as there is a strong likelihood that the motility may not be abnormal at all.In case, it still tests abnormal, from fertility point of view it is still not a grave concern as your sperm count is good. You should be able to conceive naturally with ease. Wish you all the best.