Cherry pop yesterday, is pain normal or i have a infection?

Patient: Hi, yesterday my cherry popped and it didn’t hurt but there was blood. Ever since then i can’t pee cuz it hurts so much and there is blood coming out of my pee hole, is this a urinary tract infection or is it normal to have excruciating pains after this?

Symptoms: Painful when peeing and blood coming out of pee hole

Doctor: Hello,Eventually after the first intercourse it is common to see blood as it occurs due to breakage of hymen and also the once taut vaginal muscles are made to relax and there are chances of multiple vaginal abrasions around the hymenal area and internally which may burn on urination. But these are common symptoms after any intercourse. The burning and pain usually subside in few days . You need to drink a lot of water to flush out any infection if at all it occurred as it is common again on first intercourse as the self mucosa is met by the other and there are chances of transfer of infection as well.If your symptoms don’t subside in 48 hrs then you may visit your physician for a urine culture to rule out any infection and any antibiotic course if required.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards