Chest pain upon exercise and family history of cardiac diseases

Patient: 30 yo female, healthy,EKG has supressed T waves and U waves present, been told I have an irregular pulse, son with Tetralogy of Fallot, brother with Marfans, both parents with BP issues, get chest pains when exercising, always have since I was a kid, is this something to be worried about?

Doctor: I understand your concern and worry. Suppressed T waves and U waves in a EKG can be non specific. However since you are getting chest pains i would advice you to get a 24 hour holter EKG done to rule out any arrythymia or any other heart pathology. You can get a stress test done which will help evaluate your heart function during exercise. However since you have no major acute symptoms I do not think that this is something to worry about. But since you have a strong family history of heart diseases it is best to get the testing done just in case we are missing something. All the best.