Chest Pain with all sort of symtoms

Patient: I am 25 years old men , suffering from chest uneasiness at centre of chest for about 4 years till now, i went to many doctors and cardiologist and had many test like ECG , Stress Test , Bllod Test , they said all normal , but i have different types of pain everyday , one day full chest pain at centre of chest with upper back pain , left arm numbness , tingling and pain , i left little finger is also paining in some times ,. only 6 months i lived happily without all this symptoms , that time i eat manking placida tablet . i use to play foot bal , i will run 2 km contioniously , during exercise i had no pain , i feel released and strong . but after some hours my chest pain starting . i went to many doctors and ask them to suggest me an angiography but they said no . I am feeling a lot about this , i am wooried about it. My total life is not happy. i want to come out of this . During the time of comsuming alchohol i am very happy i forget all the symptoms , but next day i am afraid . please tell me a solution . this week fully i had lower abdomen pain . fully gastries , always burbing . I am afraid of eating food also . only iam eating foods which are very helpfull for heart alone. I want my old life back . In my college day i smoked and drink also but when this starts i stopped all bad habits till now . but no improvement . i am afraid the i may have a block in my arteries , i dring garlic juice with apple cider vinegar with ginger also . but nothing helping me . Please advice me .

Doctor: Thanks for consulting ATD.History indicates it is not related to heart disease; that is the reason your Doctor didn’ t advise you to for Angio. All symptoms look like functional and there seems to be no pathology at all. Please consider to seek the help of Psychiatrist also. For pain relief, try hot fomentation, stretch exercises and pain killer medication available OTC. Have a nice day.