Chickenpox during pregnancy

Patient: Hi im 11 weeks pregnant and 2 weeks ago i had a vaccine for chickenpox as my daughter got it and iv never had it, i have got up today and have got it so the vaccine didnt work, what are the complications for my unborn baby.

Doctor: If you have indeed got chicken pox currently at 11 weeks of pregnancy you are at a high risk of transmitting the same to your unborn child. The consequences of the same can be the development of congenital varicalla syndrome in the baby which is characterised by limb defects, cataracts, eye problems, issues with brain development and preterm labour and small baby. You need to contact your OB GYN specialist as soon as possible . Moreover typically a vaccine for chicken pox is contraindicated in a pregnant woman and in case there is exposure to chicken pox during the pregnancy varicella immunoglobulin is given and not the vaccine. All the best.