Child Allergy to flowers and has developed fear of flowers

Patient: My boy child is 7 years old. He is annoyed by the female carrying flowers and generally he has irritation and a sort of fear for all kinds of flowers and he keeps himself away from the girls/boys carrying flowers.As the Indian Hindu tradition and functions are special for flowers, we face problems to take him to marriage functions and temples.My wife and me are worried about this and we are unable to identify the root cause.When we consulted with our family doctor, he advised that it will be okay when he grows up..But as parents..we are worried to continue this for a long timePlease suggest us with a good solution.Thanks in advance

Symptoms: crying

Doctor: He seems to be suffering from some phobia for flowers or people carrying flowers. Some children outgrow their phobias wi th time. However, you could try this activity with him at home to make him feel comfortable with flowers around him. First, show him a seed (of a flowering plant) and then let him sow it in a pot. Ask him to water it everyday and observe the changes that happen. ‘Do not tell him what is expected’, rather let him discover it. Take photographs of the developing plant and encourage him to paste them in a sequence. It is likely that his perception and acceptance for flowers changes once he observes this natural phenomenon of flowering, esp. when it has been aided by him. Do post us your experience later. All the best!