Child moving 90 degrees in the middle of the night

Patient: My eight year old has suddenly started shifting 90degrees in the middle of the night. She will wake up with her head practically hanging off the bed and her feet dangling on the other side. It may be irrational but I fear that she will fall off! What has she started to do this every night and is there something wrong? (She has been sleeping in her own bed since she was about 3 but today she fell asleep on the sofa. At about 2am she shifted her top half to the right and her bottom half was hanging off the sofa)

Symptoms: Sleeping in strange angles

Doctor: Thank you for your question. There are no medical illnesses associated with your child’s movement during her sleep. Howe ver, there may be a safety concern here. In order to prevent her from falling off the bed and getting hurt, you can place pillows along her sides as she sleeps, or on the floor just in case she does fall, she will be cushioned.Thank you for consulting