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Patient: Children boy 4.6 years old when he 2.5 years above 2 yearsUrticaria angiodema allegy full body rash feverDoctors treatment have many medicines and injectionTab-betnisol,Tab-deltacotnil,Syrup cefixime,Injection -solocartef in emergency treatment in threeDays but no recovery we going to miltery hospital rawalpindiDr brig zafar iqbal sheikh,s treatment we don’t knowInjection name gives medicine Tab -Astotifen,Tab-Abestin,Tab-Levocetrizine,and syrup cifixime for 1monthHe was recovery but swelling hole body and weight gainBefore allergy when he was 2.5 years old weight is 12kgBut after 1month treatment he was weight gainNow he,s weight is 28 kg in 2years blood c.p is always normalThyroid profileBut first time date 28-11-2014 test,serum TSH- 4.8mlU/L,Second test 5-12-2014 test result is TSH-3.20 uIL/ml,Third test is 7-2-2015 results free t4-1.32 ng/dl,TSH-2.34 ulU/ml reference values 0.47 – 4.64 Euthyroid,7.1 Hypotyriod, Next test isDate 28-11-2014 serum lipid profile, testSerum cholesterol – 198 mg/dl, serum Triglycerides 368 mg/dl,Serum HDL-C 45mg/dl, Serum LDL-C 133 mg/dlTotal Lipid – 995 mg/dl rupeat second test is date 7-2-2015lipid profile – cholesterol – 192mg/dl, triglycerides – 161 mg/dl,HDL cholesterol -45mg/dl, LDL cholesterol – 107 mg/dl,Total lipid – 883mg/dl, cholesterol / HDL ratio 5.5Rupeat date is 10-1-2015 serum triglycerides – 172 mg/dl,Next rupeat is 4-4-2015 serum triglycerides – 167mg/dl,Next text test is first time date is harmone profileSerum cortisol ( at morning ) 6.0 ug/dl,serum ACTH 45.9 pg/ml blood suger 102All test details we are worry that consult kindly you tell usAbout please please reply my [email protected] please mail thistreatment from Pakistan rawalpindi Muhammad saddam