Chlamydia. HIV. Arthritis.

Patient: What could be the cause of my reactive/rheumatoid arthritis?

Symptoms: Almost 3 months ago I had unprotected sex. Two weeks later I got diagnosed with tonsillitis, not strep, and it cleared up in 2 days with meds. My testicles were also swollen and slightly painful for a week and a half during the same time. I also had penal discharge which occurred maybe once a day. I did not have a fever but I had night sweats on two nights during that time. I also noticed very minimal pain in my right and left knees. Now a month and a half later I am certain I have rheumatoid arthritis or reactive arthritis. My knees hurt the most. Both my tendons and ankles have pain. My fingers are slightly swollen but have minimal pain. My elbows and wrists occasionally have pain. During the time I had tonsillitis I had some diarrhea but it was far from severe.
What does this look like? I asked my partner and she has tested negative for chlamydia and gonorrhea, but I do not know when she was last tested. I have not had any sexual encounters since.
What could be causing this?

Doctor: Your problems are diverse and the symptoms do not point to any single likely diagnosis. Joint pains at your age group ma y have many causes. Sexually transmitted Infection is definitely a concern in unprotected sex, but your symptoms are not very familiar to us as far as any particular STI is concerned.Please get in touch with your family doctor who may refer you to an appropriate specialist, if required.