Chlorine Rash called Citra Shield (picture attached)

Patient: My 19 year old daughter has been a lifeguard for four years now. This year she developed a rash that she was told was a chlorine rash called Citra Shield. What is the treatment for this type of rash? Will she be prone to get this rash as long as she continues to swim in chlorinated pools? Is there anything she can do to prevent this from happening?

Symptoms: Bright red non itchy rash with white heads like pimples

Chlorine Rash called Citra ...-1

Doctor: Extreme itching is generally the foremost symptom of a chlorine rash. The itching may start within minutes of being expo sed or it may develop over the course of several hours up to a day after coming into contact with chlorine. To treat a chlorine rash, a person may purchase an over-the-counter cream or ointment. Most creams for this type of skin irritation may contain corticosteroids. Additionally, an anti-itch ointment may provide some relief to the constant itching. Taking a shower, both before and immediately after swimming in chlorinated water, would help to reduce the skin irritation due to chlorine. Further, use an oil interface before getting into the pool.