Cholesterol And Pregnancy

Patient: Hi. I would like to know if stress, depression,improper sleep patterns could contribute high level of cholesterol. Can a woman give birth without any complications if she has high level of cholesterol. Is the baby at any risk if the mothers cholesterol levels are high.Also if one of the parents are diagnosed for high cholesterol say at 40yrs is there a possibility that children might be diagnosed for the same is it possible that this could be hereditary What kind of vegetarian foods can help lower cholesterol. Thanks

Doctor: Your high blood cholesterol level should not be influenced by stress, depression or abnormal sleep patterns. I am not aw are of any evidence that suggests high cholesterol has adverse effects on fertility or delivery of a fetus. There are some inherited disorders of cholesterol metabolism such as familial hyperlipidaemia. I would advise attending your family doctor for advice regarding a low cholesterol diet, rich in omega-3 fatty acids, and to exclude any inherited cholesterol disorder.