Cholestol and diabetes

Patient: I have just been diagnosed with glucose intlolerce or pre diabetes. The doctor has given me simvastatiin for cholestrol but he didnt say what may cholestrol level was. He has put me on 20mgs a day. When I came home I read the leaflet and it said that 10 mg was for high cholestrol and 20mgs is for chronic heart disease. I have read that once you start taking tablets you are on them for life. I cant see the doctor now till after new year but I have got myself all worried that I have heart disease. However I have heard all sorts of advice from people that I should try changing my diet drasticly first. I would have prefered to try this first so have not started takeing the pills yet. Why would my doctor not try me on a diet first. I am so stressed about this. I have been eating only brown rice vege and a bit of plain fish. I have stopped sugar, sweets, fats etc and I am having nothing to eat after 5pm and i have been briskly walking.I can feel by heart beating and feel shaky and am crying all the time. I need to know why I have been given such a high dose. If I had chronic heart disease would my doctor not have told me.Any info to help calm me till after the new year would be appreciated.There is an emergency surgery during hols but although I feel its an emergency how I feel I realise that I am not an emergency’thankyouSarah Munro