Choriocarcinoma caused by ectopic pregnancy

Patient: Hello. I live in Italy with my girlfriend which, four months ago started to feel ill. Her symptoms were nausea, vomit with blood, headaches, fainting and others. After much research, and wasting a lot of time with incompetent doctors, a malignant mass was discovered in her lung. After a month, we also discovered that she was expecting a baby which she promptly aborted. Unfortunately the health system is not the best here, so I called an oncologist I know from the US and he immediately told me that she could have a Choriocarcinoma caused by the pregnancy. She went in for testing today, and they found that she also has an abdominal ectopic pregnancy, which is now at 5months and 1 week of gestation. Her gynecologist says that it is perfectly safe to continue the pregnancy, but from what I read on the internet, I learn otherwise. Unfortunately, Italian law prohibits abortion after the 12th week unless the life of the mother is at serious risk otherwise we would have already acted upon it. The main priority is to make her better, and possibly to terminate the pregnancy. We are both 20 years of age, and are confronting this on our own. Is it true that it is perfectly safe for her to continue the pregnancy? If so, are there any minor risks? Would it be safe for her to be treated for an eventual choriocarcinoma if the tests confirm it to be that, or chemo and radiation for any other form of cancer, if she is pregnant? Note that it is our intention to terminate the pregnancy. Thank you