Chronic ankle pain

Patient: Hi first of all i don’t have arthritis as i couldn’t find better match to ankle pain, it started when i jumped and landed to a flat hard surface without shoes , after that jump i my right foot was alright but i felt pain below my left foot its was just below then ankle joint , i took xray and found no fracture but the pain continuous only when i run and walk more but only at left foot this continues 3 years then i showed to one very good doctor on pune and he said after seeing latest xray that every thing will be alright as its problem with ligament and given some antibiotics with 625mg at a matter of surprise i dint took the antibiotics as its high power , the pain is still there when ever i walk more or run but xray says no fracture , wat shoul i do now please suggest as i dont want to continue with this ?

Doctor: Possibly, you might be experiencing a Chronic ankle pain due to a unresolved ankle sprain, may be produced after you ju umped and landed, three years ago, maybe you had lack of appropriate and early immobilization, lack of timely prescribed mobility and strengthening exercises, the development of scar tissue in the ligaments affected. All these mentioned factors are cause of Chronic Ankle pain and instability. Sometimes the use of orthotics that correct the Hyperpronation of the ankle (ankle with tendency to be inwards) is useful in relieving the symptoms (pain and inflammation) in the chronic and unresolved ankle sprains. If this does not work, further evaluation, meaning local exam in terms of checking ankle stability and imaging, MRI, to see integrity of the ligaments are required to determine the right treatment option. If there are no ligamentous tears, you could still use some physical therapy treatment sessions to control pain and swelling if you are having any, including: ultrasound, whirpool baths, ice and heat and active exercises to strengthening the ankle muscles, it helps also tape the ankle and begin the weight bearing progressively, as long as you do not feel pain or discomfort. But if there are ligamentous tears seen in the MRI and mayor ankle instability, then the surgery may be considered.