Chronic Bacterial Prostatitis, options?

Patient: I have been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis. I am 39 years old. I have constant pain in my left lower back, and in my lower pelvic area and my tail bone. Urination is difficult. My erection is semi flaccid. I was told by my urologist I will have to live with it. I tried a cycle of antibiotics to no avail, (Cipro). I have had this condition for a year now. I have had a x ray,ultrasound, and a cat scan with a barium medium. Nothing abnormal was found. I am upset with the fact that I’m a relatively young guy and told that this is the way its going to be. What are my options? Is there another diagnosis with these symptoms?. Please advise. Thank you

Doctor: Your symptoms and test results are certainly in keeping with Chronic prostatitis and I am confident that your doctors wo uld have ruled out other possibilities. Unfortunately, chronic prostatitis can be difficult to treat. Since you have been treated with ciprofloxacin unsuccessfullly, the next step is another course of antibiotics with a different mechanism of action. You should ask your urologist about prescribing you a course of Bactrim or some other antibiotic. You should also ask about the use anti-inflammatory medications and alpha-blockers which may help with symptomatic relief.