Chronic Bleeding in Pregnancy

Patient: I am currently almost 10 weeks pregnant. I have been bleeding since I was 6 weeks pregnant. The blood is dark red in color, then after a few days it will change to brown, almost stop, then start up again. My cervix is closed and my prenatal care will not see me until January (which I find odd). I have had the blood tests already and no one has said there is anything abnormal. Excluding miscarriage, what are some likely reasons I would be bleeding in the manner I am? I do not fill up a regular sized pad within an hour like the warnings say. I bleed mostly when I am using the bathroom or standing after a long period of time. I have all my pregnancy symptoms, mood swings, etc. This is my second child and I never bled with my first. I know you can’t diagnose it exactly through the internet, but what are some possibilities other than miscarriage? Also, I do not have cramps. I only had about 3 minutes of cramps at 7 weeks when i passed a small blood clot. Since then, only sporadic bleeding.




Symptoms: Pregnancy, bleeding

Doctor: Thank you for your query.The bleeding or spotting during early pregnancy can be due to various reasons apart from misc arriage being the main cause, like low lying placenta, hormonal imbalance, having strenuous sex,or maybe because of an infection,or some problems with the pregnancy itself like ectopic pregnancy or a molar pregnancy. It is advisable to avoid strenuous exercise or sex during the first trimester. It is preferable that you consult a good gynecologist who can do scan to determine the underlying cause & suggest suitable remedies.Hope that answers your query. Have a good day.

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