Chronic chills, asthma, fever, body ache, headache

Patient: My fiance and my mother have both been struggling with the same illness for years. We all live in the same household. We need help figuring out what is causing this severe reaction. It starts with chills and breathing difficulty. As chills and breathing worsen, they begin getting severe headache, fever and painful body aches. What can be causing them to have this reaction? It happens later in the day. We originally thought it was an allergy to alcohol. We have asked countless doctors and specialists about this. This happens at least 3 times a month for the past 2 years. Please help.

Symptoms: Chills-slowly start feeling cold then feeling frozen. Hands get ice cold.
Difficulty breathing- Breathing becomes more and more difficult. An inhaler is used and needed frequently. (2 to 4 times every 3 hours)
Headache- described as a “fuzzy” feeling. Pain gets worse within 4 hours. Located at the back of the head.
Fever- Fever begins later and usually lasts 24-48 hours. Fever usually reaches 100.8.
Body ache- pain also progresses as fever does. pain radiates the body and usually affects the back the most. It feels like they need to constantly stretch to get relief. massage helps.