Chronic cough with phelegm and mucous

Patient: Well this started two years ago, it started with my sinuses and ended up with a diagnose of bronchocial asthma. I was given Advair, as soon as I took it I developed flu like symtons, so i quit taking it. Within weeks the symtoms of my sinues and upper respiratory problems went away. Well all of this started again about 3 months ago. I have taken Cipro, a steriod step down program, more antibiotics, and I still have the problem. Coughing up flem and mucus. I am a white male 57 years oil

Doctor: You could be having some form of a respiratory infection or a acute bronchitis especially if you are a smoker. I would a dvice you tot get your sputum checked along with a chest xray which would help us see if there is any infection focus in the lung. It may also be your asthma along with a secondary infection which will again need to be treated with bronchodialators and antibiotics.I hope this helps. All the best.