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Chronic diarrhea for 2 months

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hello, my name is jack. I have had diarrhea for 2 months now. i am 37 years old and this is first time in my life i experience such type of diarrhea. my appetite is normal as before but i have lots of air in my stomach blown with diarrhea. colore is brown and oily. please advice.


Any diarrhea lasting more than 4 weeks is considered chronic and could be indicative of irritable bowel syndrome, overuse of laxatives, chronic alcohol abuse, hormonal disturbances (e.g. hyperthyroidism), malabsorption disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, viral and/or parasitic infections, to name a few.
Your symptoms do suggest of either malabsorption or irritable bowel syndrome . Seeing a doctor as soon as possible should still be a priority. A thorough history and physical exam should be done so the exact cause of the diarrhea can be determined. Test like complete blood count, stool microscopy for ova and parasites, fecal fat and colonoscopy may be done. I do hope this helps.

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